ADVANCED Replacement Filter For A03 800ml Travel Safe Bottle – Filters Your Water


Advanced Water Filter Replacement

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Product Description

Replacement Advanced Filter to fit the Travel safe 800ml bottle

Absolute 2 micron filter instantly filters as you drink up to 99.9999% of contaminants from water, including viruses and disease. Each filter provides at least 400 litres of clean, safe, filtered water, at just 12.5c per litre. For the Travel-Safe Water Filter Bottle, that’s over 500 refills.

The size of the replacement filter is 8cm high by 3.5cm wide.

Suitable for use anywhere. Ideal for third world travel.


Some of the contaminants removed by the replacement filter bottle include:

Contaminant: % Removal:
Anthrax 99.99%
Aluminium 90.00%
Arsenic 90.00%
Bacteria/Virus 99.99%
Chlorine 99.99%
Cryptosporidium 99.90%
DDT 98.80%
Fluoride 90.00% +
Giardia 99.90%
Lead 99.00%
Mercury 99.25%
Nitrates & Nitrites 88.43%
PCBs 94.50%
Radon 222 99.00%

Many more. See lab tests.

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