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Product Description

When you miss out on deep REM sleep your health tailspins and bio chemically the following happens:
In general we become pissed off, hungry, fat and depressed and that’s just the start as hormone imbalances that take hold and which in turn may lead to:

➢ Poor immunity

➢ Obesity

➢ Insulin Resistance

➢ Type II Diabetes

➢ And chronic disease

Herb Chemist′s ′Sleep like a baby′ herb tea formula contains a unique blend of raw herbs based on traditional uses that may help you get the deep sleep you need without having to rely on risky addictive prescription drugs.
No health claims are being made and the effectiveness of herbs can vary from person to person so no claims of efficacy are made. Please read the disclaimer on the home page for full clarification

If you are like most people you are probably not getting enough sleep and the consequences go far beyond just feeling tired and sluggish the next day.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] has stated that a lack of sleep is a public health epidemic, noting that insufficient sleep has been linked to a variety of health problems.
For example getting less than five hours sleep per night may double your risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

Research has also found a persistent link between
lack of sleep and weight gain, insulin resistance and
type II diabetes.


Chamomile Flower 40%
[Matricaria recutita]

Limeflower Whole 15%
[Tilia spp]

Lemon Balm Leaf 15%
[Melissa officinalis]

Lavender Flower 15%
[Lavandula x intermedia]

Valerian Root 15%
[Valeriana officinalis]

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Instructions for use

Put one teaspoon of the formula into a tea infuser and steep in boiled filtered water for 10 ‐15 minutes.
Squeeze the juice of a quarter of a fresh organic non waxed lemon into the formula [optional] and use as required.
Experiment with the quantity and times you use this product so as to optimise the results.

For full term and conditions of buying and using this product please read the disclaimer

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While the risks of insufficient sleep have been well documented there still appears to be confusion about what is the optimum amount of sleep.
So to help answer that question a panel of experts led by a Harvard professor Charles Czeisler reviewed more than 300 independent studies published between 2004 and 2014 and came to the following conclusions:

Age GroupRecommended hours of sleep needed
Newborns [0-3 Months]14-17 Hours
Infants [4-11 Months]12-15 Hours
Toddlers [1-2 Years]11-14 Hours
Pre School [3-5 Years]10-13 Hours
School Age Children [6-12 Years]9-11 Hours
Teenagers [13-17 Years]8-10 Hours
Young Adults [18-25 Years]7-9 Hours
Adults [26-64 Years]7-9 Hours
Seniors [65 +]7-8 Hours

According to the panel ″Sleep durations outside the recommended range may be appropriate but individuals who habitually sleep outside the normal range may be exhibiting signs or symptoms of serious health problems.

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