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We are living in very curious and unpredictable times the media are telling us that we are living longer yet all the major causes of premature death including; cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity are sharply increasing with auto immune, mental health and childhood conditions all on the up!

Could it be the growth hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified feed routinely given to our livestock?

Could it be the potentially harmful herbicides, pesticides and insecticides routinely sprayed onto our fruit and vegetables?

Could it be the genetically modified ingredients or synthetic products made by the pharmaceutical companies and dressed up as vitamins, preservatives, colourings, flavouring and numerous other additives that have found its way into our everyday foods?

Could it be any or all of the above that is contributing to the bad health epidemic we all know exists.


The official line from the medical profession when it comes to the use of natural substances in health is usually there is insuffucient evidence, this is simply because the drug companies are more interested in their profits than your good health and of course natural products cannot be patented. The governments and charities that get their money from the public appear to operate with the same agenda because they also fail to spend money on the research and development of natural substances this can only be because they are protecting the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, consequently the many health benefits of natural raw herbs and other natural products have yet to be evaluated.

Traditional herbal remedies have been used in medicine for thousands of years! they provide a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals all necessary to sustain the health of your body at a cellular level which is critical to your long term good health and longevity.

Whilst there is no silver bullet to good health the use of natural herbs are a good way to compliment any good living plan.

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